Month: June 2017

The Realty Sector of Gurgaon: A Theatre of Dreams

Gurgaon has proved to be a pivotal contributor to the Indian real estate sector. The city for long has attracted sizeable investments from top corporates over the past few years & has influenced the rapid growth of the nation in more ways than one.

There has been a strong presence of multinational corporations in the area which has played a key role in inviting expatriates to invest in residential plots in Gurgaon and other Gurgaon property in general. The recent fall of the realty sector has lead to decreasing sales & a slump in the prices of property which has been a grueling challenge to contend with. It has been evident over the past few years that the regions surrounding the national capital are witnessing the highest-ever inventory of unsold real estate products. This has created an urgency for the realtors to offer lucrative deals with an intent to attract interests from potential buyers.

Despite the growing challenges in the realty sector, Gurgaon is expected to rise and shine in the future. With the central government introducing measures that ensure gathering interests from the middle-income groups to invest in housing, the real estate offerings of Gurgaon are placed as the best prospective products that will be targeted which would lead to plummeting sales. For a city with the potential of Gurgaon, a small push is all it would take to change the nature of the demand for realty that has been witnessed over the past few years and the winds are changing.