Month: November 2016

Era of Generation in Raheja

From 1990 to till date, Raheja has shown a consistent growth and expansion and has always added a positive response by their buyers and investors. They are adding an increase turnover and profit to the company year after year. And this is somewhere making a positive Raheja developers review within the market and industry of real estate and people are actually looking forward for the projects of Raheja and are willing to be a part of it. Right from the first generation of entrepreneur Mr. Navin Raheja to the current generation of Nayan Raheja, has always added a gem to the company by launching the projects according to the society and community need. And their project always has an add on amenity which always surprises their investors and buyers who eagerly wait for their project launch. In making Gurgaon visible and known to people for living, Raheja has played an important role. They have built some really good projects in Gurgaon which has added many more investors.

rahejaNayan Raheja, the man with the artistic nature has a habit of adding gem to the company. Inspired by the new generation enthusiasm, Mr. Nayan Raheja focus on the trend and believes in providing services according to the individual requirement which brings a satisfactory pleasure to his soul and a plesant smile on the buyers and investors eyes.