Month: September 2016

Destination for Real Estate Industry: Delhi NCR

As we Delhi is one of the metropolitan cities of India, so the crowd of the people use to visit this State on a daily basis. Some with the purpose of business, some with a view of business, some just to explore the city and some with the decision to make one of the cities as its cinch place. Here comes the role for the real estate industry. When the people come in to various cities they look around for the place to live in. While looking for the place, somewhere in their mind they have the concern for the security, nearby to their work place and the transportation is available around or not. These all concern is basically solved by the developers in the city, as they use to provide the plots, villas, flats and pent houses in the desire budget of the customer with the dose of luxury and ease of pleasure.

The cities in Delhi NCR Is really in spark in terms of realty. Real Estate developers in Delhi NCR are really working hard to get into the nerves of their investors to see the satisfactory smile on their face. The developers are providing the place for to live in with a bunch of amenities which the investors have never thought of. This shows the competition in the real estate field to survive.

Even the affordable housing Gurgaon is in boom in today’s scenario. As they are in a great demand by the investors or the buyers. This is so because Gurgaon is in the developing stage and much comfort can be seen around the city which makes the life easy for the people around the city.


Among the Top List of Realty Industry: Raheja Developers

Since 1990, Raheja Developers Limited is touching new heights till date and is also maintaining their presence in the top list of real estate industry. There work in the realty industry is making them grow as well as expand themselves in Delhi NCR. It is now such a known brand for the investors that only in Delhi NCR even from other states and countries looking and loving to invest in it.

Nayan Raheja, the second generation in Raheja family is the new era of enthusiasm in the realty industry. Being an architect by profession, he has an interest in music and photography.  In fact it is that photography is his passion and wildlife photography attracts him a lot. For him Corbett National Park is next home and he even uses to work for the tiger preservation in India.

rahejaBeing a renounced name in the realty industry, Raheja Developers is making its existence in the city of Gurgaon. Raheja Gurgaon is now picking up in the formation of various new projects in the city and fulfilling the requirements of the investors through various outcomes. They are providing the buyers, their desirable home in the affordable budget along with the various amenities and necessities around that the buyer had never thought of.