Month: February 2016

Gurgaon Working as the Catalyst for Profitable Real Estate

In recent times, Gurgaon has turned out to be the best development by the developers till now and most of the time it happened that investors gained the maximum profit out of their investment and this was possible only when developers provided the best amenities to their investors. Investors were looking for better investment opportunities with their investment and developers provided them a proper channel of investment for their money regularisation.

Raheja Gurgaon
The money of investors was going through a proper channel and people started investing in the realty sector by purchasing the properties. A kind of circle was created where land owners were gaining profit by leasing their land to the developers or they were selling their land pieces at the very high price. The land which was not utilized by anyone started working as the profit making machine for the land owners. The developers were providing the best prices of the land later they developed the land into the world class projects where people started migrating from other parts of the country.

Soon, Gurgaon became the hot property destination and this was possible when investors invested in the property and they gained the maximum profit out of their investment. According to real estate expert Mr Satishchaubey, “Real estate in Gurgaon has always provided profit to the investors and Raheja Gurgaon has always worked for the betterment of their investors and that’s why Raheja Developers review as the best real estate developer who provided world class projects to their investors.”


Raheja Revanta Royalty Sector 78 Gurgaon

From its innovative place in the world of dressmaking, fashion has glided stylishly into every part of living. From dresss to cars, fittings & fixtures to footwear, every preference signals one’s style quotient and makes a declaration. The most important declaration of your choice and importance, however, is your abode. Luxury homes and lifestyles created by famous designers (Versace) have become necessary for the truly perceptive – residences that stand with the stamp of the designer’s exclusive aesthetic, that create new milestones in architecture, design and styling, to turn into fashion statements in themselves.
With Raheja Revanta Royalty 88, the global trend in luxury residences arrives in Gurgaon. Imagine of a living where every aspect has been put mutually by the high priestess of fashion. Think delightfully approached living spaces with spectacular views. Think crafty lighting, exclusive furniture, motivated wall finishes. Think eye-catching landscapes, an outstanding club house and the hippest party spots, all at your front doorstep. This residential project is the definitive experience in stylish living.
In an abundant, wonderfully landscaped expanse, 88 exclusive units soar skywards (Surya Tower ; 36 units in low rise – Tapas Townhouses – club & swimming pool facing units). Motivated by some of the most exclusive projects in the world, the towers show off elegant shapes and sophisticated detailing.
Raheja Revanta Royalty 88 is perfectly located at sector 78 in a neighborhood that boasts everything the fashionable life demands, while also giving you easy access to every part of the city. Swing by the glitzy malls and lifestyle stores at your doorstep, to check out the season’s latest arrivals.